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Solution for your business organization is an integrated solution for your business organization. It is designated for those who want to improve their business processes with modern technologies.

The solution was designed as software for invoicing, with retail and wholesale modules. However, is much more than that. We offer highly developed Financial and Inventory Control modules, Customer Relationship Module, Production Planning Module, Time Management and Travel Management modules as well as business intelligence and reports required for your business.

Key advantages

Time saving

Unlike the older generation software, is a Cloud solution and as such it has been already installed and configured. You only need to register with some basic information and you can get started right away.

Reducing costs is located on our servers, which means that end users don't have to invest in their own expensive infrastructure and software licences. Furthermore, you don't need to take care about server purchasing and maintenance. The purchasing and maintenance costs are split among all the users.

Customer support and tracking regulatory changes

Monthly fee includes customer support, which can help you with professional, technical and business advices.
Also, the monthly fee includes tracking regulatory changes, which enables you to operate in line with current laws all the time.

Regular system updates to new versions

According to our clinet's needs and suggests, our software is constantly developed and improved with new functionalities. As service subscribers, you are entitled to these improvements and free system updates, which do not affect your daily work.


Cash register

Different payment types, generating invoices, manual and code entry, bar code reader, downpayment entry, recapitulation, groups of products / services at the cash register.

Wholesale invoices

Different currency and exchange rates, different payment types, possibility of issuing goods from different warehouses.

Time management

Organizing your time slots.


Creating offers from different warehouses, different payment types, generating invoices based on offers.

Inventory control

Inventory control documents, recipes, price levelings, stock groups, warehouse balance, stock movement, stock movement summary, goods document list.


Invoice list, list of invoiced VAT, recapitulation per payment types, sales by products / services, purchases by products / services etc.

Business intelligence

Revenue calendar, revenue chart, sales by product / resource / service.

Customer relationship

Keeping track of partners, customeres and/or suppliers, both legal and physical entities, keeping track of all contacts and documents related to a partner.

Travel orders and local travels

Recording, overview, editing and deleting travel orders, expenses and advance payments related to travel orders. Recording local travels to customers and partners.

Cash Books

Keeping track of cash movement.

Production planning

Defining production technologies, creating and printing work orders.