Additional Modules |


In collaboration with our customers we have developed additional modules for improving business processes, such as Inventory Control, Production Planning, Cash Books, Travel Orders and Local Travels. This modules are charged additionally according to the valid price list.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control Module provides a number of possibilities for managing inventory documentation, which enables effective control of your stocks. It provides keeping track of incoming and outgoing process of goods on stock as well as accurate warehouse balance at any time from any device. Additional reports, such as stock movement, stock movement summary or goods document list are additional benefits that are provided by this module. There are also price levelings and generating recipes for restaurant business. You have the possibility of recording numerous warehouses related to your sales / purchases of goods.

  • Inventory control documents contain record of incoming, outgoing and transfer inventory control documents
  • Price levelings enable keeping track of changes in price of a product
  • Warehouse balance provides overview of stock level at any time
  • Method of average purchase prices 
  • Definitions enable defining products / services by groups at cash register or defining groups of products  / services by additional tax
  • Possibility of recording unlimited number of warehouses
  • Using recipes it is possible to define all the components of a product (important for restaurant business)
  • Reports related to Inventory Control Module: incoming inventory control document list, stock movement, stock movement summary, sales of product / report / service by taxes, warehouse balance list etc.
  • The mentioned reports can be exported and dowloaded to the computer in different formats (XLS, DOC, PDF )

Production Planning

This module is primarily designed for generating and tracking work orders assigned to a particular employee. It contains all necessary data related to the orders that need to be completed. Warehouse balance includes data related to the quantities of goods recorded at the moment of submitting work order.

  • Prerequisite for Production Planning Module is activated Inventory Control Module
  • Work orders provide tracking tasks assigned to a particular employee and contain all data needed in order the employee to be informed on all tasks that need to be completed
  • Warehouse balance can be listed at any time, as well as level of stock
  • Possible definitions of document classes, technologies / bills of materials
  • Reports: Work order list, production report

Cash Books

Keeping track of cash movement. The cash books are connected to the company bank account. It is possible to keep track of two or more accounts.

  • Enables keeping record of all cash payments immediately after their occurence
  • Possibility to select the currency of a cash book
  • The final balance on the end of the month period equals the initial balance on the beginning of the next month period

Travel Orders

Travel order is an official document that accompanies employee on business trip in the country or abroad. Our software enables keeping record of travel orders by employees and assigned vehicles. Daily allowance amount and cost per kilometer are calculated automatically upon recording departure and arrival date and time and distance traveled. It is also possible to record advance payments in selected currency.

  • Travel orders are official documents that accompany employees on business trips in country or abroad
  • Keeping track of different types of costs related to a company car, allowances, advance payments etc.

Local Travels

Local Travels Module enables keeping track of every usage of a private car for business purposes. The distance traveled is calculated automatically based on recorded data. Local travel can be connected to a specific client or partner.

  • Keeping record of using a private car for business purposes
  • Mileage is calculated automatically based on recorded data