Basic Modules |


Basic package includes Financial Module, which enables generating retail / wholesale invoices, Customer Relationship Module, Time Management Module, Creating Offers, Code Book, Reports, Finances, Administration and Business Intelligence.

Registry – Retail

Our Registry Module provides simple, fast and reliable process of generating invoices. Products and associated discounts or quantities can be added using application icons. It is possible adding a completely new product, which wasn’t previously entered into the system, or adding products via bar code reader. Daily downpayment and turnover recapitulation can be added at any time.

  • Simple, fast and secure issuing of retail / wholesale invoices
  • Different methods of recording data: selecting products on the screen, entry via code or via barcode reader
  • Issuing wholesale invoices and selecting the client whom the invoice is issued to
  • Adding comments to the invoices
  • Recording daily downpayment
  • Handling open invoices related to individual tables (for example in restaurants)
  • Printing an order to multiple locations depending on your needs (kitchen, bar…)
  • Possibility of saving invoices and subsequent issuing

My Reservations – Time Management

Tracking availability of all your resources in one place. Booking a meeting room, company car or a time slot for a client. Possible recording and overview on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

  • Enables booking a certain office space or a resource
  • Enables easier customers ordering for a particular service and simpler planning of your services

My Invoices – Wholesale

Generating a wholesale invoice sometimes seems like a real challenge. My Invoices service makes the invoicing process simple, with all necessary customer data available, such as name, address etc. The system suggests previously defined prices, which can be accepted or edited. In case of issuing invoices to foreigners currency and exchange rate can be selected as well.

  • Generating and issuing wholesale invoices
  • Possibility of issuing goods from different warehouses
  • Possibility of defining different tax rates
  • Possibility of selecting currency and exchange rate as well as payment type (cash, transaction account, credit or debit card, cheque…)
  • Possibility of additional discount

My Offers

Organize your pre-sales activities in a simple way. When creating an offer to the client for particular quantitiy of goods, you can easily define terms of payment and terms of delivery. Additional information related to deadlines, warranties etc. can be entered in comment field. Based od the offer it is simple to generate invoice, which will contain the same details as the offer, but it can be edited before finalising it.

  • Creating offers and geneting invoices based on the offer
  • Selecting a warehouse from which the goods are sold
  • Defining different tax rates
  • Selecting currency and exchange rate as well as payment type (cash, transaction account, credit or debit card, cheque…)
  • Possibility of additional discount

My Partners - Customer Relationship

This module is designed for managing relationships with existing and future customers. It enables recording detailed customer data and an overview of all activities related to a customer in one place. Every customer related document can be easily revised, whether offer, invoice or inventory control document. Keeping track of every realized contact with customers is easier than ever.

  • Keeping track of all the data related to legal entities and persons associated with your business
  • Possibility of sorting partners to customers and suppliers
  • Possibility of registering all contacts with customers and potential business partners
  • Keeping track of customer relationships by projects / activities
  • Possibility of creating campaigns
  • Registering all business documents related to a particular customer

My Resources

Classification of all products in one place enables easily keeping track of all your goods and services intended for sale. Different retail and wholesale price can be defined on all or particular stores. The classification can be downloaded to the computer in XLS format and new products can be added to the classification at any time.

  • Enables recording and overview of all your products and services in one place
  • Recording retail and wholesale prices
  • Recording barcode and catalog number
  • Defining different measurement units (quantity, weight, surface, volume, length, time)
  • Possibility of entering product description
  • Possibility of defining different prices and tax rates per stores
  • Possibility of exporting data to different formats ( XLS, DOC, PDF )


Financial module includes overview, editing and generating new outgoing and incoming invoices. This module enables overview of offers as well as creating new ones. All financial reports required for your business are also available.

  • Enables overview and generating incoming and outgoing invoices
  • Overview and creating offers
  • Overview of financial reports related to operation of a business entity


Financial and inventory control reports related to your business are available in one place. The data can be filtered by specific attributes, such as date, business office, cash register, employee, partner etc., depending on the report. If you are using Inventory Control Module as well, you can check warehouse balance at any time in order to make purchase on time. Every report can be printed right away or downloaded to the computer in different formats (Pdf, Xls, Xlsx, Rtf, Mht, Html, Text, Csv, Image).

  • Invoice list
  • Invoice list by invoiced by
  • List of invoiced VAT
  • Invoice summary by day
  • Invoice summary by taxes
  • Invoice summary by day and taxes
  • Invoice summary by payment type
  • Product / service sales by partner
  • Sales by product / service
  • Product / resource / service purchase by partner
  • Purchases by product / resource / service

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a tool for business reporting, that enables analysing your business in just a few clicks and gives you possibility for easier and more accurate decision-making. Your historical data is systematically stored and processed in order to obtain necessary information about your business. You can analyze customer behavior in order to define key customers, management effectiveness, comparison of sales results and easier prediction of future trends.

  • Reports and charts related to your business
  • Revenue calendar
  • Revenue chart
  • Chart of sales of a product / service


Administration module enables recording all the company details, adding new employees and creating user accounts. It is possible to determine access rights for a particular employee, define which details are visible on the invoice print-out and edit invoice header and footer. You can also add your logo.

  • Recording all the data related to a particular company (company name, VAT number, contact data, bank account number)
  • Defining invoice preview (possibility to select different data as well as placing company logo on the invoice)
  • POS invoice preview can be different than A4 invoice
  • Possibility of recording multiple bank accounts of a company
  • Defining employees who will have access to the application and defining their level of access rights
  • Possibility of recording unlimited offices and cash registers