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Adeo POS competitve advantages

Sandra Batur

In front of us is another season that we all hope will surpass last year’s results. In order to be timely ready to open your stores, accommodation capacities or service activities, rent the cash registry in time.

In the sea of ​​various offers, it is very difficult to decide what is best for you and which cash registry will meet your needs. Sometimes the basic functionality, in this case fiscalization of reciepts, is not enough for you as a user. It may be helpful to inform you that the Adeo POS team is constantly trained and behind us is 6 years of experience in fiscalization and more than 12 years in software development.

Adeo POS team participated yesterday at the forum of ISO FORUM CROATICUM in the organization of the Croatian Chamber of Economy. The topic of the forum was Kano model of Customer Satisfaction by professor Noriaki Kano.

Quality is one of the important factors influencing competitiveness, and its influence throughout history has changed. For example, in the mid-20th century, the product should meet the basic customer requirements. Now, however, every brand meets this basic requirements.

The impact on competitiveness has changed depending on the extent to which customers’ requirements are met, so customer satisfaction is used as a synonym for quality. The difference in brand competitiveness with regard to customer requirements has become small. Now, it is becoming increasingly important to find hidden customer demands, those that are not obvious and fulfillment of these requirements to please the buyer outside his expectations.

By observing this process of product compliance with the basic requirements, through customer satisfaction through established demands, to achieving satisfaction through the fulfillment of hidden, invisible requirements as a quality life cycle, the Kano model is introduced as a theory that explains this life cycle.

Leading the Kano Product Cycle Model, we’ve decided to introduce you to the additional benefits you receive from Adeo POS Cash register:

  1. Devices are delivered ready for operation. We will download and enter the Digital Certificate for Fiscalization, Pricelist and all required working parameters. You only have to pick up the device or wait for the courier if you have decided you want it to be deliverd. Take advantage of less time. Your device may be ready to use the same day and you can focus on your core business.
  2. Free customer support available on business days 8-16h by phone, mail and Team Viewer. The monthly fee includes customer support, which can help you with professional technical and business advice. Also, monthly fees are included to track legal changes, so you are assured that you always comply with current laws. We can also arrange training for you or your employees on the use of the Adeo POS.
  3. Free Software Updates. In accordance with customer desires and needs, our software is constantly developing and improving its functionality. You as a subscriber of services also have the right to these upgrades and receive them free of charge by regular updating of the system, which does not affect your daily work.
  4. Possibility of rent or purchase. We have a short-term and long-term POS offer. Select the program and the device tailored for your needs. Our sales staff are at your disposal to work together to create an individual package for your business.

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