Adeo POS and Glovo integration |

Adeo POS and Glovo integration

Sandra Batur

Glovo, a fast delivery application that allows customers to purchase, receive and send any products within the city for less than 45 minutes, started operations in Zagreb, and chose Adeo POS as a reliable partner in invoicing and fiscalization.

This Spanish startup started in 2015 in Barcelona and has since expanded to 105 cities, ranging from Paris and Milan to Istanbul and Nairobi, in 20 countries in Europe, Africa, Central and South America.
More than 15 million orders from partners such as McDonald’s, KFC’s, Starbucks, and the like have been delivered around the globe via the Glovo app.
Glovo has more than three million users, 10,000 partners and work with a network that counts more than 30,000 couriers.
Aside from the car, Glovers use bicycles and scooters to squeeze city traffic faster, and offere a more ecologically aware delivery option.

All you need is right in the city. Order whatever, whenever!

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